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Haileybury Almaty

Haileybury Almaty opened in 2008, in association with Haileybury in the United Kingdom. This not-for-profit educational project was financed by the group of Kazakhstani businessmen. Haileybury Almaty offers a broad, liberal education in the best traditions of British independent schooling. Pupils are prepared for Advanced Levels (‘A’levels’), which enable them to apply to and enter the best universities around the world including Kazakhstan.

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Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony 2018

Humpty Dumpty KS1 Musical

Our Curricula

Lynne Oldfield, Headmistress at Haileybury Almaty

Lynne Oldfield

Headmistress at Haileybury Almaty
Haileybury Almaty is about to start on the next stage of its journey to be recognised as one of the top international schools in the region and beyond. Our pupils will achieve at the highest level and be recognised for what they can bring academically to world-class universities and in a diverse range of future careers and society at large. I look forward to meeting with and leading the Haileybury community in Almaty.

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Tatyana Foster

Tatyana Foster

Very impressed with the information the children have been learning. The school also gives us sport and general development, which is very important. Children learn. Children work hard, but at the same time, do sports; twice a week they have swimming sessions. PE, football, and so many different things. Children get amazing experience from the teachers, who teach them both playing a violin and piano, and recorder. My son also plays, even though it’s not always successful and he not always wants to do it. But the longer we do this, the better results we receive.
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