The Parent Partnership Programme

Goals: To engage, invest, provide training and seek collaboration with parents of Haileybury Almaty pupil community. The overall purpose is to advance the pupil’s academic, emotional and social development, as well as allow parents to experience new growth opportunities and continue connecting with each other in a variety of activity options.

To reach this goal the Parent Partnership Programme seeks to engage and work in conjunction with the Haileybury Staff, the Friends of Haileybury Organization (FOH) as well as to engage with the community of Almaty for greater civic connection as the Haileybury Parent Partnership Programme becomes a model for the community of wider Almaty.

Why a Parent Partnership Programme


Haileybury Almaty values highly the integration of parents in the educational experience we offer. We recognize we must work together for the pupil’s best interest. Neither the school nor the parent can take on a child’s development alone. It is a partnership we seek to be intentional in continuing to build and grow. Haileybury Parents are already committed to the success of their child and we seek to further develop the partnerships already in existence.


Current research validates that when parents’ are involved in their child’s educational process, higher achievement is witnessed: better academic outcomes, higher levels of self- control are evident, as well as healthier behaviour choices and development of habits for success. Ultimately, these students find excellent university placements. The current research further reveals that a parent’s partnership in a child’s education is the key influence is a child’s success.

Professor Joyce Epstein, Johns Hopkins University

Professor Joyce Epstein

Johns Hopkins University
Professor Joyce Epstein from Johns Hopkins University in the USA encourages parents to be involved in the school in six different areas: communication, volunteering, decision making, collaborating with community, learning at home and parental training.

The current Communication Initiatives and Volunteer Opportunities are two-fold, they occur through Friends of Haileybury (FOH) and the School Leadership including; events, charitable efforts, newsletters, updates, websites, parent representatives and chat groups. In the Parent Partnership Program, we will examine and initiate relevant communication tools to continue to improve communication and grow volunteer opportunities to meet the needs of the Haileybury Parent community.

The Parent Partnership Programme will present a schedule of Seminars for parents, throughout the school year. Topics will be presented by teachers, university counsellors and the school counsellor. The content will be related to children of specific age groups as well general topic that applies to all ages. The topics offered to parents may include: The magic of reading which enables the learning process and topics like subject integration and university choices. We will also look at the most effective way parents can support children’s learning at home and how to identify and set high but achievable goals.

In addition, we will hold seminars that facilitate the design of strategies for effectively managing the toughest job there is – being a parent. We will explore both the physical and psychological health of the child. We will develop the greater understanding of child development and examine the challenges of parenting at every phase of your child’s development. We will also look at how to develop the skill of coaching conversation with your child and managing major life transitions.

The Parent Partnership Programme

Communication – Haileybury Almaty is establishing parent representatives throughout the school. ‘Parent reps’ will be parents that will facilitate communication.

Volunteering – at the beginning of every year parents will receive a list of school events for which they can volunteer and contact details in order to organise this.

Decision Making – Haileybury Almaty will present a schedule of lectures on topics such as subject and university choices as well as talks focusing on what it means to choose a British International School education.

Collaborating with Community – in order to assist parents to use local community resources to enhance and support their children’s learning, Haileybury Almaty will distribute through Firefly a list of places to visit, books to read and websites to access for each subject studied at the school.

Learning at Home – research tells us that the most effective way parents can support children’s learning at home is to set high but achievable goals. To facilitate this Haileybury Almaty will run training sessions for parents on understanding target grades and having coaching conversations with children.

Parental Training – Haileybury Almaty will hold a series of lectures throughout the year to help develop knowledge and skills that can enable parents to better deal with the most difficult job there is – being a parent. Lectures will focus on both the physical and psychological health of the child (and the parents!).

Stephannie Tebow, Director of Community Well- Being

Stephannie Tebow

Director of Community Well- Being
The Parent Partnership Programme is designed to make your child’s education a true family and community experience. This is about connection. About supporting one another, learning and growing as a community. We hope to continue the effort to create a community that is positioned to support the hopes of parents, the aims of a holistic educational experience at Haileybury and to be a model of community engagement, in the greater Almaty area.

We look forward to your involvement. Everyone is Welcome. See you soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Haileybury Astana and Haileybury Almaty are committed to the welfare and Safeguarding of young people. As part of our recruitment processes we require all applicants to undergo police checks and U.K. DBS checks and we operate clear safeguarding protocols.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
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