Haileybury Almaty is still enrolling for Reception Class children aged 4 for 2018-2019! Find out more at the admissions department +7 (727) 355 01 00

Why Choose Haileybury?

We prepare boys and girls for their first-choice university, and life as global citizens. We do this by inspiring academic excellence, and developing leadership and teamwork skills through a wide range of co-curricular activities in a supportive and nurturing environment. This leads to our children developing character, resilience, self-confidence, and strong social skills.

Haileybury Kazakhstan is a pathway to the world’s top universities

A’level are studied over two years with exams at the end of the course. Pupils at Haileybury take three or sometimes four subjects, which give them the opportunity to enter the world’s best universities. A’level grades range from A* to E.
Both A’level and IB are top qualifications respected all over the world and are the passport to top universities..
4 A’level graduates from Haileybury Almaty are studying in one of the TOP 10 Universities in the world – UCL. Other Haileybury students are currently studying at the University of Cambridge, the LSE and Imperial College.
Advantages of a British education in KZ rather than going abroad!
Both schools Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana prepare students for SATs examinations.

Qualified UK teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified: most were trained in the UK and have experience of teaching in UK schools. Most also have experience of teaching overseas. We are committed to safeguarding in our schools, and so all of our teachers and staff are checked to ensure they are safe to work with children.

World class British education with Haileybury Kazakhstan using an holistic approach

At Haileybury, Your child will receive a world-class education based on the British system, but drawing also from the best practice around the world. Most importantly, they will develop the skills needed to succeed in the future in a global environment. In an environment where all pupils are encouraged to take part in a range of activities outside of the classroom designed to supplement their holistic learning, leadership, confidence in public speaking, problem solving and a capacity to learn independently are all highly valued soft skills that employers and Higher education institutions value enormously. Our aim is to unlock the educational potential inside every child.

Haileybury Kazakhstan creates an excellent learning environment which allows children to grow academically and holistically

The setting for Haileybury Almaty is a beautiful, natural parkland site, along the banks of the Esentai River, with the imposing backdrop of the Tien Shan Mountains, near the Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex. Haileybury students benefit from the excellent outdoor facilities on site and also make use of the Shymbulak ski area in the winter.


Tatyana Foster

Tatyana Foster

Very impressed with the information the children have been learning. The school also gives us sport and general development, which is very important. Children learn. Children work hard, but at the same time, do sports; twice a week they have swimming sessions. PE, football, and so many different things. Children get amazing experience from the teachers, who teach them both playing a violin and piano, and recorder. My son also plays, even though it’s not always successful and he not always wants to do it. But the longer we do this, the better results we receive.
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