Eco - Schools - The programme explained

‘Eco-Schools’ is a Global programme, for environmental education, providing certification at an International level.

It is the biggest schools programme in the world, connecting 67 countries, 51 000 schools worldwide and the network grows daily.

‘Eco-Schools’ began 20 years ago.

It began in England, set up by the environmental charity; ‘Keeping Britain Tidy’.

Then, in 1992, in response to the needs highlighted in a UN Conference, that focused on Environment and Development, Eco-Schools International was formed by the FEE.

Eco-schools is student-led.

The Programme is real-world learning. It is designed to empower students, the school and wider community, with environmental education, by focusing on set themes.

Its aim is to improve awareness of our global environment, improve the schools carbon footprint and to provide financial saving for the school.

Schools follow a simple seven-step process, that forms the criteria for the Green – flag award.

There are three awards that are attainable, Bronze, Silver and the Green-flag award.

The Bronze and Silver awards are recognition of the steps towards the Green-flag status.

Amy Rowe, Eco-Schools Coordinator

Amy Rowe

Eco-Schools Coordinator
My passion for the environment stems from the enjoyment I take from spending time with my family outdoors in clean parks, by the sea on beautiful beaches and on treks through the Lakes breathing fresh clean air. The aforementioned is a privilege that we often take for granted; however, it is not a privilege afforded to everyone, and I know this to be true having previously lived in one of the most polluted cities in the world.

The importance of protecting the environment is vital to the quality of our future, and we all have a shared responsibility to ensure that the future is bright for all. We can all make a difference daily, maybe without even realising. Turning the tap off when we brush our teeth saves water, using bins effectively by separating our rubbish and not littering can literally save lives. Small changes like these can save the lives of our marine life, nature and ultimately, us.

At Haileybury, I believe that by giving our pupils the opportunity to be involved with this programme, we are encouraging our pupils to recognise their responsibilities and allowing them to function as global citizens. My initial aims are to change attitudes and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our environment within our school community. My long-term goals are to achieve Green-flag status by June 2019 and to take our ideas beyond our school walls, to educate our wider community, and for the Haileybury community to be recognised for its commitment to the environment.
Kate Silvanus, Eco-Schools Program Deputy

Kate Silvanus

Eco-Schools Program Deputy
I am very proud to be part of the Primary Eco Team and the positive changes that are taking place at Haileybury Astana. It has been so fantastic to see the children embrace eco issues and become more conscious of environmental matters, such as conserving energy and thinking about waste in school. Changing mind-sets has been key this year and hopefully we have helped children, and adults, see that one small change can make a difference. I am now looking forward to helping implement future eco plans in school. I am also very excited to see our hard work pay off and the Green Flag flying outside!

Eco Code

Every Eco-School has to have an ‘Eco-Code’. It is the Eco-Committee’s mission statement. Their commitment to improving the schools environmental performance.

We had a whole-school competition for our ‘Eco-Code’.

There were two winners; Valerie Post - 5KS and Amir Imamutdinov 6KA - Congratulations!

The winning aspect from Valerie’s design was her slogan: Save the world, it will save you back

Valerie’s slogan has been incorporated into our Eco-Schools logo.

Amir’s design was an Acrostic, using the letters of Haileybury, which outlines our chosen theme and focus perfectly.

Competition winners

  1. Eco-Warriors Certificate: Zere Zaiten in 6GC

  2. Monitor Screens: Nursulu Batpenova 2SM

  3. Last out, Lights out: Claudio Cerone 3ELR and Nazar-Ali Nurbaturov 4JG

  4. Eco-Code: Valerie Post 5KS and Amir Imamutdinov 6KA

Goals achieved

  1. Recycling collection points

  2. Signs next to light switches - Last out, lights out

  3. Signs on computer monitor screens

  4. Various design competitions

  5. School assemblies about ecological issues and global environmental days

  6. Eco Warriors - surveying electrical usage daily in Primary School

  7. Monthly data collection on energy usage - whole school

  8. Reducing the use of single-use plastics in school

  9. TV crew visit - recognising our efforts to protect the environment

  10. Science are upcycling plastic bottles for a hydroponics project

  11. Kindergarten and KS1 Pupils are learning about Biodiversity - growing plants

  12. IB CAS Pupils are upcycling plastic bottles, for science projects and using papier mache to create IB learner profile sculptures.

  13. Eco-Schools Quiz - Provided weekly to Tutor groups

Future plans

  1. Participating in CNN’s - Zero plastic lunch - focus on World Oceans Day - 8th June 2018

  2. Supporting World Environment Day, and the chosen theme ‘Beat Plastic pollution’ - through our Haileybury Day - 9th June 2018

  3. Haileybury Day 2018 - This year will include an ‘Eco Hub’, where primary school Pupils will be selling homemade products, from plastic waste and the Secondary school will be hosting a ‘Trash Fashion show’. Some of the money raised will also be used to support the fantastic work of 4Ocean.

  4. Researching renewable energy, to implement within our school grounds

  5. Researching into ways to save water

  6. Participation in ‘The Plastic Bag Challenge’ - Initiated by BREEF - Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation

  7. Long life bags to sell within our school community and hopefully in addition, the wider school community.

  8. Flasks, to sell within our school community and as gifts to new staff

  9. Abolishing/reducing the use of laminating in school

08.06.2018 - Happy ‘World Oceans Day’

‘World Oceans Day’ is all about highlighting the global issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.
Haileybury Astana Eco Team made a short video for CNN, to highlight our efforts as a school to say ‘no’ to single-use plastic.

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