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Caroline Armitage (Year 2 parent)

Our son Thomas first joined Haileybury Astana at the age of 4 in 2015 when we arrived in the city. He settled in immediately and was fully immersed into Haileybury life by the end of his first week. As a British family living in Astana we are delighted that Thomas can follow the English school curriculum so that he can slot straight back into the system when we eventually return home. Children at Haileybury Astana benefit from much more than an English education; they are exposed to a wider variety of subjects, opportunities, languages, cultures and other learning experiences than they otherwise would be.

Should I go to a school in England or America?

Question yourself if your child is ready to leave home? We are very happy to help you at Haileybury Astana. Just watch the video to know more

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