We are pleased to announce that Haileybury Almaty is now a member of the Association for Effective High School Education

We are delighted to announce that from September 2021 Haileybury Almaty has become an elite member of the Fellowship of High Performance Learning Schools.

High Performance Learning (HPL) is a mission-driven organisation, working with schools and teachers to change the face of education and deliver student high performance for the many - whatever their background - not the few. HPL is a global movement for change, for any school, any age, in any country. It operates in conjunction with any subject or curriculum.

High Performance Learning theory suggests that most students are capable of achieving the high levels of academic performance once seen as the domain of the very few and that the role of a school is help students make this a reality.

Online Safety Week at Haileybury Almaty
Why online safety is such an important issue nowadays?
Wellbeing and Pastoral Care at Haileybury Almaty
At Haileybury Almaty, there is a deep belief that happy pupils have the best chance of being successful.
Success Stories: Yerkezhan
At the beginning of this term, we talked about success of our 2021 graduates who have entered Ivy League universities. However, the achievements of our pupils do not end there.
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