The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award scheme is available to all pupils from Year 10 upwards. It is a programme aimed to increase pupil resilience and give the pupils a sense of achievement. There are 4 sections to complete: a skill, physical recreation, service and the Adventurous Journey. The pupils can push themselves to take on a new challenge, or they can choose to record an activity that they are already completing. The weekly CCA training sessions culminate with the Adventurous Journey where the pupils are fully self-reliant on a two day overnight hike and camp.

There are 3 levels to the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All pupils start on Bronze and have the opportunity to achieve it in six months.

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We invite parents of the Senior School pupils to attend the workshop led by Bakhyt Adrysheva (School Counsellor) and Inna Hakobyan (Deputy Head Whole School).

The topic of the session is  «What is the role of the school counsellor?». As part of the Parent Partnership Programme, Ms Adrysheva and Miss Hakobyan will answer crucial questions, such as «What is well-being? What does it look and sound like?» and «What are the barriers to communication for parents?»

Date: October 19th

Time: 2 pm

Location: Mrs Hakobyan's office

Russian speaking staff to support with communication

If you have any questions regarding these sessions, please email the Senior School PA .