Kipling House is named after the legendary author and poet Rudyard Kipling, a former Haileyburian.

Kipling House is named after the legendary author and poet, and past Haileyburian, Rudyard Kipling. He is most known for his novel ‘The Jungle Book’ which deals with the themes of resilience, triumph, loyalty, courage and identity; all of which are qualities that Kipling members strive to demonstrate on a regular basis. Kipling has been the most successful House in sports competition and the pupils’ successes are regularly celebrated. The pupils are very proud to wear the colour green on their ties and house shirts.

Junior School

Miss. Arina Ismagul is the Junior Housemistress for Kipling. She encourages and engages the pupils in the Junior School and has created an ethos where the pupils strive to do well. She has been the Junior Housemistress for several years now, so the Kipling pupils have built a trusting and successful relationship with her.

Senior School

Mrs. Shelly Williams is the Housemistress for Kipling in the Senior School. She has high expectations of all the pupils in her House and regularly encourages them to participate in activities representing Kipling. She pushes the pupils to step out of their comfort zone, develop new skills and go that extra mile. Kipling members have created a special relationship with each other which is built on trust, friendship, determination and loyalty. The House is collective, inclusive and there for each other with the motto: ‘it’s not my House, it’s our House.’

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