Haileybury Astana offers a wide range of support for applying to universities in the UK, USA and Canada.

"Together we have the experience, knowledge and contacts to help you apply for and receive offers from many of the world's best universities in sciences, business, medicine and Pre Med, law and Pre Law, and most other majors. We also help to find universities that provide generous scholarships and bursaries for students who need financial assistance." - says Mr. Stockermans.

Haileybury Astana has partnered with the university consulting service "World’s TOP universities" which supports pupils to gain entry to the world’s most competitive universities including Ivy League in the USA, and Oxford, Cambridge, and Russell Group universities in the UK.

Pupils who are applying to universities in any country have access to specialised advice and counselling so that they make the best possible choices. Haileybury Astana ensures that every student has the opportunity to take advantage of all the support they need when it comes to testing, essay writing, financial aid applications and interviews which also includes support for specialised university entrance examinations (for example to Oxford and Cambridge).

All of our pupils at Haileybury Astana have the opportunity to develop both socially and intellectually through a variety of activities overseen by our highly  qualified and dedicated staff.

These include:

  • Model United Nations and the Debate Team
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award
  • Athletic competitions with other top schools in Central Asia
  • Career guidance and life skills training
  • Peer mentoring and community service
  • Student government and opportunities to develop leadership skills through the House System

Who we are


"World’s TOP universities"

Directors Steve Stockermans and Ana Munoz Lopera are expert university admissions advisors for USA, Canada, Europe and Asia and have 15 years experience advising in high schools and universities in Canada, Japan, Spain, and the Middle East.

Successfully placed students at:
- US colleges: MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, UC Berkeley, NYU, Duke, Chicago…
- UK universities: Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE, Imperial, Queen Mary, Manchester…
- European universities: Erasmus, Groningen, Amsterdam, Science Po, Vienna Economics, Geneva, Carlos III, ESADE, IE, Bocconi...
- Asian universities: (Japan) ICU, Keio, Waseda, Sophia. (Korea) KAIST, (Hong Kong) HKUST, HK Poli, (Singapore) NUS/Yale, Nanyan Tech, (Australia): Monash, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, SP Jain...
- Canadian universities: Toronto, McGill, UBC, Waterloo, Queens, Dalhousie..

"World’s TOP universities"

What we offer

  • Regular interviews and consultations to make a plan and keep you to it
  • Extra curricular activities:  Planning and execution of a great story
  • Essay writing: Help with the draft and final copy of your various essays
  • Scholarship search and application process
  • Mentoring, Job Shadowing and Internships. Assistance to find suitable role models
  • Summer programs: SAT Boot Camp, Leadership, academic subjects.

Our holistic approach provides support across all areas of the North American and UK university application process. Our services are based on our belief that every pupil deserves individualised support in every aspect of their application(s) — from university selection strategy, test preparation and personal statement/essay support, to co-curricular mentoring and interview practice.

Our counsellors and mentors have the most compelling academic and co-curricular resumes:

US and International University Admissions Counsellor

Mr. Steve Stockermans, Director

Trinity College, University of Toronto (BA International Relations)
Universidad de Comillas, Madrid (MA Political Science)
University College London M.Ed in Educational Leadership
Canadian, with 3 degrees from 3 countries.
Worked in Undergraduate Admissions at University of Toronto
Teaching licences for Spain, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, Canada
IB Leadership qualification (UCL)
Worked in Shinshu University (Japan)
High schools in Canada, Spain and Saudi Arabia. (Senior School vice principal, English, History, Career Counselling)
Specialist consultant with elite college admissions agencies in New York and Washington for students from the Middle East aiming for Ivy League and high level North American universities
Mr. Steve Stockermans, Director

A student in the 13th grade, Maheli received offers from seven of the world's top universities. This Haileybury senior school student received offers from prestigious London universities; Goldsmiths College, Royal Holloway, and Queen Mary at the University of London. He has also been accepted to the University of Amsterdam. 

Before consulting with Ana Isabel Muñoz Lopera, admissions director at "World’s TOP universities", the prestigious university counselling service, Maheli did not know what he wanted to study at university. At first, he opted for sports management, but Ms. Lopera suggested he take his interests into account and build on them. 

"To choose a particular discipline, I was advised to think about my qualities and hobbies. I am interested in world politics, and I am a good public speaker. Based on that, I realized that political science was the right major for me. This was confirmed by our university admissions counsellor."

Maheli received tremendous support from his teachers who helped him achieve his coveted offers. 

"I would like to thank Mrs. Fraser for the support she gave me because she advised me on British universities and gave me some tips to improve my motivational writing."

US and International University Admissions Counsellor

Ms. Ana Isabel Munoz Lopera, Director

University of Zaragoza, BA in English Philology; University College London, Masters in Educational Leadership, University of Salamanca, BA Primary Education
Ana is Spanish-Canadian, with Masters degrees from the University of Zaragoza (English Philology) and from the University College London (M. Educational Leadership, IB). She attended University of Toronto for her Canadian teaching degree. She was a director of the Erasmus International Exchanges in Europe, sending high school students to different high schools and universities around Europe and the world. She worked in a Japanese university, as a specialist in the Middle East for government scholarship agencies and is a consultant with elite university agencies in New York and Washington for admission to North American, UK, European and Asian universities.
Ms. Ana Isabel Munoz Lopera, Director

At Haileybury Astana, dreams do come true! Zhanerke, a 13th-grader at Haileybury has been awarded a place at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Our future international graduate received a 100% educational scholarship at this top institution to study applied science. 

Two years ago, Zhanerke joined Haileybury Astana on the International Baccalaureate scholarship programme which gave her the opportunity to find her calling and prepare her for entry into  one of the world's top universities. Ms. Ana Isabel Munoz Lopera was the counsellor and helped Zhanerke to get this tremendous achievement. 

UK University Admissions

Mrs. Faye Fraser

BA in Music (Hons), University of Kingston, 2009; PGCE in Music (Secondary), University of London, 2010
Mrs. Fraser leads the university application committee and heads up a team of cousellors to ensure that the students are on track with their applications. She leads on UK universities applications and is responsible for UCAS process.
Mrs. Faye Fraser

The happy news keeps coming to Haileybury Astana School. Sanzhar, a 13th-grader has been accepted into the University of Toronto, Canada, One of the world's leading educational institutions, according to the Times Higher Education ranking. Toronto not only offer Sanzhar a place but awarded him the prestigious University of Toronto International Scholar Award.

According to Sanzhar, his university admissions counsellor, Ana Isabel Muñoz Lopera, supported him every step of the way in applying to his choice of institutions of higher education.

The Head of the Sixth Form, Mrs. Faye Fraser, also gave valuable advice to the prospective University of Toronto student that increased his chances of receiving the scholarship. 

"I can only say good things about Mrs. Fraser, because her support during those last 18 days when I started to worry and panic is priceless. She is an amazing person!"

UK University Admissions

Mrs. Andrea Angus

BSc Mathematics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics. University of Edinburgh
Extensive experience teaching throughout the UK. She has held a number of senior leadership positions in outstanding schools including Head of St Columba’s School, an all through 3 – 18 school, Head of Senior School at Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen and Director of Studies at The Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh. She is passionate about the value of an outstanding education that encourages intellectual curiosity, creativity and courage as well as compassion and care for others. She is deeply committed to the philosophy that each and every young person should have the opportunity to grow, to flourish and to challenge themselves: simply to be the best they can be.
Mrs. Andrea Angus

How do we do it

Personal Interviews
  1. Personal Interviews with the student and their parents starting in their Junior year and with regular follow up sessions.  What are their goals? Find the best mix of universities and majors for their aspirations and applications: 
    1. Reach. The ambitious schools where acceptance is possible but not guaranteed. 
    2. Target. A higher probability of acceptance, but still need hard work to get there.
    3. Safety schools. A net of schools and Foundation Year programs that are almost assured just in case. 
How to make a student STAND OUT
  1. What’s the Plan?   How to make a student STAND OUT
  2. Page 1. Is the English test (TOEFL or IELTS) ready?   IELTS target 7.5, TOEFL target 100. 
    1. Additional tutoring for students who need extra help.
    2. In school Mock Tests of the TOEFL and IELTS tests.
  3. Page 2.  School academic success. Help choose the right courses in high school, and follow up that the grades are where they need to be. The IB is highly recognized internationally and a good grade in these courses will bring you far.
    1. Follow up with the student’s teachers to assure that they can get the best possible results 
Extra Academic Success Stories
  1. Page 3. Extra Academic Success Stories
  2. Getting the SAT right for US and other international schools. 
    1. Mock SAT tests in school
    2. SAT study Club
  3. AP exams for US focussed students. How to prepare for this test
    1. For students who are looking for a specialist major (medicine, sciences) these external exams are available and add value to a US application.
  4. Olympiad competitions in Maths and CS are also highly coveted awards for some universities such as MIT.
    1. Provide support with extra Olympiad competition experience
  5. Research papers, published articles, Science Fairs, extra language certifications…. Anything else that will make your academic credentials even better.
    1. Provide in School opportunities to lead on new clubs and activities
    2. Provide advice for applications and networking opportunities

Summer courses in the colleges of your interest. Want to go to Yale? Take a Yale Summer course, get credits and get recognized.

High level colleges want to know if you will FIT
    1. Page 4. Extra Curriculars and the Personal Essay. High level colleges want to know if you will FIT.
      1. A list, not long but deep, of activities that you do beyond the school.
      2. These should show 
        1. INITIATIVE.  Not just follow someone else’s path, but make your own.
        2. LEADERSHIP/ORGANIZATION. Can you show that you have made your organization better and that it will last longer than you do?
  • Ask not what your university can do for you – ask what you can do for your community 


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